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High Mountain Tree Care offers professional Salt Lake City Tree Services.

We offer free in-person consultation before beginning work at your property.

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Tree Removal

Our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists will help you decide if tree removal is a good choice for your property.

Our arborists have many years of rigging and climbing experience. You can count on us to safely and efficiently remove your trees.

Our goal is to be precise with all removals, to ensure we do not damage your property or other parts of your landscape.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Have our professional arborists prune your trees to promote a long healthy life for your trees.

Types of Pruning:

  • Structural Pruning – We prune to promote strong branch arrangement and a healthy trunk.  When completed properly this will help with tree health and save you money in maintenance costs.
  • Crown Cleaning/Thinning – We remove dead branches for safety and remove live unwanted branches to promote light and air circulation, which will help with the tree’s overall health.
  • House and Road Clearance – We can prevent trees from damaging your property or blocking roads.  We do this by raising low-hanging growth, as well as removing key branches to achieve this goal.  We will do this while keeping your tree aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • Immature Tree Pruning – We prune young trees for structure and form.  This will promote a strong branch arrangement, strength, health, and reduce maintenance costs in the future. 
  • Ornamental Tree Pruning – We can prune your ornamental trees so they remain healthy and look aesthetically pleasing.    

Wildfire Protection & Defensible Space

Home and Property – We create defensible space around your home and property which will help provide protection against the threat of a wildfire.

Hazardous FuelsWe are able to remove dead trees that are standing, or on the ground, as well as remove other flammable vegetation.

Selective ThinningWe are able to thin trees and other vegetation to create space and reduce wildfire fuels.

Fruit Tree Pruning

We have the expertise to prune your fruit trees for optimal fruit production.  Some fruit trees are also ornamental and we can prune them for aesthetics.

Types of Fruit Tree Pruning 

  • Structural Pruning – We prune to promote a strong branch arrangement.  This will allow your fruit tree to hold the weight of the fruit, while reducing the chance of branch failure.
  • Crown Cleaning/Thinning – We selectively remove live and dead interior branches.  This will allow air and light into more parts of the tree, which will help produce bigger and more delicious fruit.
  • Specialty/Espalier Pruning – If you have limited space we can prune your fruit tree to keep it confined and the fruit kept at a pickable level. 

Professional Tree Felling

Tree felling involves cutting a tree at its base and directing its fall in a desired direction. If circumstances allow for a tree to be felled, this could be the most cost-effective option for removal. Alternatively, the tree may be taken apart in smaller sections. This requires more work but will ensure that property and landscape features, such as manicured lawns, gardens, and buildings are not damaged.

  • We can precisely fell trees in the tightest of spaces.
  • Tree felling can limit property damage due to the absence of large machinery.
  • Felling trees can open views and create beautiful spaces on properties.
  • Tree felling can create defensible space for wildfire on your property.

Tree Preservation & Consulting

We perform consulting for entire properties as well as individual trees. In both cases, we can provide a suggested course of action or an ongoing management plan.


From Our Clients

Jim is a top notch arborist with knowledge and skill. He pruned several large trees surrounding my house...they look so much better! I was pleased with his attention to detail. Jim is easy to communicate with. He left my property in better condition than it was before he did the work. I highly recommend High Mountain Tree Care and am happy to have found a company that I will continue to use.

Collette M

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